Arts and Education


From Girls inc

"James Rosenberg has been a wonderful supporter and friend of Girls inc. of Metropolitan Dallas. Mr. Rosenberg and for the children inc. has given our girls countless opportunities to experience a wide variety of live stage performances that they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend. Mr. Rosenberg makes sure that each of these experience are memorable for the girls, their families and our staff."

Karla Loya Stack/ Chief Program Officer


From Uplift education

"Several of Uplift's campuses have truly appreciated the oppurtunity to expose students to live entertainment in the Dallas area. Such engagement is critical to developing well-rounded students with diverse life experiences, and enlivens what takes place in the classroom while inviting children into a wide world of possibilities."

Becky Madole/ Manager of Strategic Partnerships


From Boys & Girls Clubs

"Our youth and staff are very thankful for Mr. Rosenberg and are always so grateful to receive an invitation from him. Mr. Rosenberg is full of passion and a commitment to the arts & education of youth. He works tirelessly to find ways to get more valuable "hands-on" learning experience to numerous activities in the DFW area."

Jean Goodwin-Grisham/ Senior Director


From Guinn

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with this organization. Their ability to positively influence our campus is amazing. We would like for you to know how grateful we are for their interest and ongoing support."

Sharon Bradley/ Principal


From Big Brothers Big Sisters

"What great opportunities Arts& Entertainment 4 DFW Youths has provided for children and teens who otherwise would not be able to have such an experience! And what a gift to our volunteer mentors it has been for the organization to provide such free or greatly discounted tickets, easing the financial burden of their volunteer service to their littles. "

Micheal O'Teter/ Chief Program Officer