Arts and Education
Mission & Vision
Arts & Education for DFW Youths is a life-enriching program established to provide under-served youngsters with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of educational experiences including live-stage performances, museum tours, and educational programs provided by local universities. In addition, we also visit entertainment and sporting venues.
We can always use volunteers, and a lot of the work can be done outside of our offices. We are on Facebook, but in a very minimal way, and need HELP expanding our presence in Social Media. If you are local, we need administrative support staff, and a qualified Bookkeeper. We can always utilize your talents!
Recent Programs
We are continually striving to provide better educational programming for the kids. Please check out our Schedule of Events, and know that your dollars donated to our organization will enhance the programming that we provide to the kids. With your help, we hope to develop more projects, including after school enrichment programs for the children. If we don't do it, who will make it happen for the youngsters?

Founder & CEO

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to never have to experience the challenges that face a lot of the youngsters, and families, with whom we are of service to. The difficulties that I observe in the world every day are tremendous for many. Yet, it is my thought that through the Arts, we can help introduce youngsters to knew experience that may plant a seed, create a dream, or intellectually stimulate them – and, maybe, just maybe, make a difference in a youngster’s life.

With that desire in my heart, I preside over Arts & Entertainment 4 DFW Youths. We are all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on the kids, and introducing them to the Arts, that A&E4DFyouths is making a positive impact in their lives. The Arts can bring about creativity in youngsters, provide confidence, teach youths about problem solving and perseverance, and help them to learn how to focus; the Arts can influence non-verbal communication, support constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication, and teach youngsters about accountability.

Our overall objective is to help bring about more in-school and after school programs where youngsters can get involved with the Arts, whether it be with music, acting, dance or any other discipline of the Performing Arts. It is known that the Arts help youngsters to develop skills that will enable them to be better students, and enhance their lives as they prepare for their careers, and throughout life.