Arts and Education

Skill Sets

Dance, Music, & Art

Our objective

We want children from all different backgrounds to experience performing arts and be inspired to reach for their dreams. With the help of everyone and their donations, we have been able to take these youngsters to the Dallas Children's Theater, the North Texas Performing Arts, and the Eismann Center. This upcoming year we have a couple of events coming up that can help encourage the young man become a great musician, or the young girl become the greatest ballerina. We hope to continue to do so with your help and the help of others.


The budget for our upcoming events depends on your donations and goodwill. We need supports from parents, the good Samaritan, and venues for us to thrive. Do you want to be a part of something bigger?

  • Encourage youngster to chase their dreams
  • Educate and change the community
  • Allow youngsters to develop their arts skills